Steyr Laumann Model 1891 Repeating Pistol

The image provided depicts SN 15 of the Caliber 7.8mm. pistol. Josef Laumann, of Austria, made a very small number of manual repeater pistols prior to his collaboration with the Schönbergers. These large frame guns had a very distinctive silhouette, largely due to their forward, angulated magazine housing made to house a stripper clip.

Operation is like most repeaters, whereby a spring loaded finger ring cocks the pistol while moving the bolt forward, simultaneously chambering a cartridge. When cocked, the rear of the firing pin extends from the bolt. Pressing down on the serrated arm of the safety allows the trigger to be pulled. Cartridge feeding was via a special stripper clip, not present, that was released using the 1/2” checkered button mounted on the right side of the receiver.

The main historical significance of this arm is, of course, that it served as the basis for the 1892 Schönberger-Laumann, one of the very earliest automatic pistols.

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